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Thank you for your purchase!


Please give us 48 hours to review your video and send you a return video.  If for some reason, everyone emails their video at the same time it could take longer but we don’t anticipate that happening.  For the 2 video package, you have 14 days to send your allotment of videos.

Please read the welcome guide below.  It will walk you through how to send the videos and hopefully answer any questions you might have.


Welcome Guide


Using an iPhone or iPad, please download the FREE Hudl Technique app

  1. Visit the app store and search for Hudl Technique.  Hudl has a few apps so please make sure you pick “Hudl Technique”
  2. Download the app
  3. If you don’t have an iPhone, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Suggestions for taking the video

  1. Please make sure you get the entire body in the video.  
  2. Whenever possible take the video straight on (facing the player’s chest).  

Record and send the video using the Hudl Technique app

  1. Don’t worry, it’s really easy!  We’ve created a step by step guide for recording and sending the video with the Hudl Technique app.  Just click the button below.  If you already know how to use the app, please use the app to email the video to  Include your name and the coach you want to do the review (Coach Mike or Jon) in the subject line of the email.

Give us 48 hours

We’ll get your videos back to you as quickly as we can!  If for some reason, everyone emails their video at the same time it could take longer but we don’t see that happening.  Look for an email in your inbox with the video review.  If you have the app, the video review might show up there but if it doesn’t it’ll definitely be in your email inbox.

Get to work! 

Take our tips and drills and get to work on them!  If you want us to follow up with your more often and help continue to adjust your workouts and critique your skills sign up for a 2 pack of reviews and keep renewing the package!

Reminder for the 2 video review package

If you have signed up for a 2 video review package, you have two weeks (14 days) to send the allotted videos.  After 14 days, your package will expire.  

Want more reviews?

Just repeat the process anytime you want more reviews.  Go back to the online video review page, click the appropriate PayPal Buy Now button and send us another video!  It’s that easy!


We can’t wait to work with you and keep you on track! 

Mike and Jon Walton

If you don’t have an iphone: send the video to us using another phone

  1. You can record a video on any phone.  Just be sure to keep it to one swing or pitch so it’s not a long video.  (You can’t send long videos via email.)  Then just attach it to an email and send it to Please include which coach you want to do your review (Coach Mike or Jon) and any notes for the coach in your email.