Online Training

We’re happy to announce video reviews!


We wanted a way to stay connected with our students during this difficult time.  We know you’ve worked really hard this off-season and want to keep training.  We also know that eventually baseball and softball will be back and you want to be prepared.  And while we aren’t able to open the facility right now, we want to be able to help you continue to develop and reach your goals.

Here’s how a video review works:

It’s pretty simple.  You train at home and take a video of your practice and send it our way.  Depending on which level of online training you choose from, we’ll do everything from give you a one-time video voice over breakdown or give you more consistent feedback to help manage your at home training.  How intensive you want the online training to be is up to you!  Take a look at the options below.

If you cannot afford this due to your COVID 19 circumstances please let us know and we will do them for free. Just send us an email and let us know and we’ll take care of you.  We want to make sure this service is available to all of our customers.

Single Video Review.  Get our advice anytime you want!

Single Video Review – $25

You can do them whenever you would like.  There is no minimum or maximum.  Just send us a video every time you want a review and we’ll send a video voice over breakdown in return.  The video voice over breakdown will be just like we do it at the academy.  We’ll explain something for you to work on, compare it to a professional model and then give you a drill or two that will help.  One skill (hitting, pitching, fielding, catching) per video.  If you’d like us to review more than one skill just add on additional single video reviews.

Want something more consistent?  Have a brother or sister you want to share the reviews with?

Check out our package!

2 Pack of Reviews – $40 – expires in 2 weeks

Send us 2 videos to review within 2 weeks.  You can send videos of different skills each time or keep it consistent with the same skill.  It’s up to you. This package is also a way that we can discount video reviews for families with more than one child as it can be shared with brothers or sisters.

Ready to get started?

All you have to do is click the PayPal “Buy Now” link for one of the options above.  Complete the checkout process and you will be directed to a page that outlines all of the details of how to send videos.  Don’t worry, it’s REALLY easy!  Then Coach Mike or Coach Jon will conduct the review and send you back a video.  Please give us 48 hours to review your video and send you a return video.  If for some reason, everyone emails their video at the same time it could take longer but we don’t see that happening.

Want more reviews?

Just repeat the process anytime you want more reviews.  Click the appropriate PayPal Buy Now button and send us another video!  It’s that easy!



If you have any questions, please email us at