At Diamond Dreams it’s not enough to have instructors that have simply played the game in the past. They need to be more than that. They need a mastery of the information they are teaching while continually searching for new information and improved techniques.  They also need to realize that the biggest flaw a coach can have is to think they know everything.

Every instructor at Diamond Dreams teaches the same science-based information. You can rest assured knowing that no matter the instructor you choose, you are getting the most up-to-date and proven techniques to keep your son or daughter performing at the highest levels.  Our staff holds certifications in nutrition, personal training and even pitching.  We have over 50 years of coaching experience, participate in regular staff training  and continually attend seminars and clinics for continuing education.

Not only do they have to stay on top of the latest science-based information, but they have to be able to translate it to each and every student they encounter. They need to earn the trust of their student and leave them with a deeper love and appreciation of the game than when they began.

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Lessons are conducted year-round for players ages 7 and up.

Fall programs usually start in the beginning of October and last through mid-December.

Winter programs start in the beginning of January and last through mid-March.

Spring programs start in mid-March and last through early April.

Summer camps run in June and July at various locations in the area.

“You think all baseball and softball academies are the same…UNTIL you go to Diamond Dreams!”

Lisa H.