Virtual Academy

When we started Diamond Dreams in 2005 we imagined a place where players, parents and coaches could continue to learn and love the game.  Now we’re making it possible even if you’re not at the academy through our virtual academy.  Read blogs in our Coaches Corner, listen to our podcast in Coaches Round Table and watch videos in our Video Locker.  This is just another way we can be a resource for players, parents and coaches who love the game as much as we do.

“I have already began viewing the blog and the information is phenomenal. I can really tell how much you love your players and how much you care about them being provided with the accurate information. Thank you for all you do for youth and adult baseball and it is my hope that more coaches take a page out of your book. Thank you again for everything. You truly are making a difference in the lives of many students of the game.”

Barrett S.