Our Mission

We realize that coaches are often one of the role models in a child’s life and take this responsibility seriously. We will shake your child’s hand and look them in the eye. We will ask them to do the same. We want them to understand the value of hard work, remain positive no matter the situation and strive to improve their health through proper nutrition and exercise. When these things are present, success will follow on the field and in all walks of life.

The 4 areas of focus for all of our services at Diamond Dreams include…


Baseball/Softball Skills
Our staff is constantly training to bring you the most up-to-date and effective techniques to keep our students injury free and performing at the highest levels.


Mental Approach
In a game with so much failure, maintaining a positive attitude is vital for success. This is just one more way we give our students an edge over their competition.


We want our students to understand the importance of good nutrition and start to educate themselves so that they can make good decisions about the foods they eat.


Physical Conditioning
Improving a player’s physical conditioning will have a positive impact on all areas of their game. They will run faster, throw harder and hit the ball farther. It will also build habits that last a lifetime.

“The instruction our son received at Diamond Dreams has been key to his learning and development as a pitcher and as a team player.  His college coach is impressed with his composure, work ethic and positive attitude – all of which were instilled upon him through the years by the instructors at DD.  Thank you for creating a wonderful environment for kids to develop not only baseball skills but values and attitude that will extend into their everyday lives.”

Ed and Brenda S.