Diamond Dreams Baseball & Softball Academy

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Fall Programs Begin In October!

Our popular fall schedule allows each student to improve their baseball or softball skillset efficiently, in one of of many programs. Programs range across all age-groups and intensity levels. Each program is specific designed to provide lasting improvements to the player’s ability. You can focus on hitting, pitching, fielding or a combination of all three!


  • Velocity Programs to improve both arm and bat speed.
  • Opportunity to work in small groups for focused attention.
  • Clean Environment & Modern Equipment

“Thank you for creating a wonderful environment for kids to develop not only baseball skills but values and attitude that will extend into their everyday lives.”

Ed & Brenda S.

Pitching and hitting tunnels are available for rental in half hour or hour increments. Rentals cost $40 per hour or $25 per half hour and you may have up to 4 players per tunnel.