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"Combining Science and Player Development for Peak Performance"



We realize that coaches are often one of the role models in a child’s life and take this responsibility seriously. We will shake your child’s hand and look...

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At Diamond Dreams it’s not enough to have instructors that have simply played the game in the past. They need to be more than that. They need a mastery of the...

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Fall Programs

Fall Programs

Our fall options have a focus on conditioning, velocity improvement and increased power at the plate for both baseball and softball.   Fall programs usually start in...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say

“You think all baseball and softball academies are the same…

UNTIL you go to Diamond Dreams!”

“We live an hour away and do not have anyone in our area with their knowledge, philosophy and teaching technique.”

“All of the instructors are fantastic. Their level of knowledge and the attention given to each player is remarkable.”

Diamond Dreams continually updates their knowledge with cutting edge techniques, skills and exercises.”

“Not only does the DD staff know baseball, but they have a gift for connecting with kids.”

“Even better yet, they genuinely care about their students not only as players but as people.”

“My son has more desire to practice and confidence that his practice will help him improve.”

“My daughter can now make corrections during the game, pitch by pitch or inning by inning.”

“RightView Pro is proud to be associated with Diamond Dreams Baseball and Softball Academy.”

“An AMAZING facility! It’s always clean and organized.  They have everything you need for your team workouts.”

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